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My Services

Psychiatric Evaluations & Assessments

A comprehensive assessment of your mental health history, current symptoms and functioning, and potential treatment options. When conducting these evaluations I pay careful attention to detail, complete thorough documentation, and gather accurate information that will aid in creating a treatment plan with the best options for you. 

Treatment Plans

I take a personalized approach for each individual based on their specific symptoms and needs. This may include medication management, therapy, and other interventions to promote overall mental health and wellness. Your story is unique, your treatment plan should be the same.

medication management psychiatric nurse practitioner in kansas city missouri
treatment plans and genetic testing for mental health psychiatry in kansas city missouri
Medication Management

I may prescribe medications as a part of your treatment plan and only if you are comfortable with this option. Medications are prescribed based on symptoms and may require ongoing monitoring and adjusting based on your response and potential side effects. Genetic testing can also aid in the medication management. To learn more read below.


Psychotherapy is a crucial tool in treating mental illness that involves helping patients develop insights into their behaviors and find ways to change them. I will utilize various therapeutic approaches to create a safe and supportive environment for my patients as they navigate their mental health challenges.

Genetic Testing through

Your body has a unique way of responding to and processing medications based on your DNA. That is why, as your provider, I highly encourage pharmacogenetic testing through Genomind. This can be done prior to your first appointment, or at any point in your healing journey. You can read more about Genomind on their website here. 

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